Founded in 2010, KBRZ is located in Sydney, Australia. We have offices in Meloune and Beijing, China. We are licensed mortgage broker and financial advisor. We are member of Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia and Australian Financial Complaints Authority. We speak Mandarine and English.

KBRZ has years of experience in mortgage services, allowing the company to establish mature financing channels and customer networks, as well as accreditations with multiple reliable Australian financial institutions. KBRZ endeavours to provide high-quality home and commercial loans for customers with domestic and foreign incomes. Flexibility, comprehensiveness and low rates are our competitive edges.

Our professional wealth management team has outstanding data analysis and risk management skills. With advanced investment strategy and strict risk control methodology, KBRZ endeavors to provide steady and solid wealth accumulation for our valued investors.


At KBRZ, we will endeavor to serve our customers better!


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1300 588 978 (AU)

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L8, Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2067 


L8, 90 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000


L10, Gate 3, Wynn International, 21 Worker's Stadium North Road Chaoyang Beijing 100001 China