KBRZ wealth mananagment portfolio consists of a careful selection of land with future growth potential, releasing reliable commercial loans, and therefore provides stable returns for customers. 


Through providing first and second mortgages for high-quality Australian land development projects, our wealth mangement is safe with high yields.


The projects we invest in are all operated by experienced and reliable developers. The loans we provide are for fast-growing and highly profitable local commercial borrowers.


Our professional welath management team has outstanding data analysis and risk management skills. With advanced investment strategy and strict risk control methodology, KBRZ endeavours to provide steady and solid wealth accumulation for our valued customers.

Government Planning

Close attention given to government proposals, selecting areas with strong government support

Flow of Funds

Ongoing monitoring of the flows of funds from large developers and financial groups

School District Housing

Education, a pillar industry in Australia with steady growth rates and robust demand 

Choose KBRZ

Years of experience

Our team has years of experience in real estate project development, and a comprehensive development procedure, ensuring yields for investors.

Together with our investors

The solid financial capabilities of our shareholders means that 20% of cash will be invested in each of our projects. This ties together investment yields with company profit, putting a further layer of guarantee on investor yields. 

Risk Control Mechanisms

We have a professional risk management team that provides comprehensive risk valuation for each project, effectively avoiding excessively risky projects and systematic risk in the market. 

Fund Security

All funds invested are supervised by third-party banks, maintaining the security of investors’ funds.

Transparent Monitoring

We will provide timely updates to our investors about the developments of our projects, allowing them to keep-up with the latest information.  

Investment Return

8 % - 15 %

8.0% - 15.0% anticipated annualised return